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Default Re: Official NBA All-Time Peak Draft

I ran a 7 game series vs Odinn (I coin-tossed and won HCA. I was torn on who should get it as I have the better winning % but he has more victories and games played). Anyway, here's what happened:

G1: I won 98-88. I found throughout this series that his team is very similar to mine statistically. Great rebounding team, great ball movement, forces turnovers, can block and steal and doesn't foul much. The biggest difference is 3 point shooting. I thought he would be fine because he has Dirk, but his team went 0-6 from downtown. VC scored 35 and Dwight, Duncan and Barkley had a double double each

G2: Odinn won 102-96. Duncan went HAM on me; 17 points, 18 boards (6 offensive), 5 assists and 6 blocks and held Dwight to 10 points and 8 rebounds. Got me into foul trouble too, forcing Rodman to foul out and Pippen to have 5

G3: Odinn won 105-100. The big difference was the FTs. It looked like a Laker game, he shot 37 FTs to my 9! Ben Wallace had 9 boards and 2 blocks off the bench. Dirk was player of the game with 23 points and 8 boards

G4: Odinn won 100-95. His team is amazing at drawing fouls (I'm not mad), Duncan and Barkley both had double doubles while Dwight had 18 points, 19 boards (5 offensive) and 5 blocks

G5: I won 103-91. VC had 22/7/7, while Duncan had 21/9/3 and 6 blocks. Don't count me out just yet

G6: I won 117-102. Barkley had a near triple double with 13/8/9 while Dwight had 22 points and 16 boards (5 offensive). It ain't over til the fat lady sings.

G7: I win the series 4-3 with a 102-95 home victory. I held him to 41% shooting, and 7% from beyond the arc. Clyde Drexler had 6 offensive boards off the bench! In the end, my ball movement was too much, I finished with 34 assists on 41 made FGs.

Great series, I was worried after Game 4. His team is as good as mine defensively, but again the lack of 3 point shooting means I can commit more players to rebounding. I thought Dirk would go off on Worm because of the height advantage, but GAWDman held his own
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