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Default Re: 2013 Knicks Playoff Run thread

My Grades:

Raymond Felton: A Would have been an A+ if it wasn't for his blunders down the stretch of last night's game. I also wish he would take control of the team down the stretch but that may be more of Woody's fault. All in all, he had an excellent series though and was our most consistent player. I said BEFORE the series he'd be the X-Factor and that rang true. He completely killed any and all "we should have kept Lin" arguments lol.

Iman Shumpert: A- Him and Copeland started the series looking a bit shook. Somehow, Shumpert found time to sneak to Oz and get himself some courage. I thought his defense was phenomenal. He played with tons of confidence thereafter. He hit some huge 3's. He was the catalyst for almost every run we had this entire series. I thought Woody kinda jerked him with his love affair with Jason Kidd. He yanked Shump last night when Shump was having a better game than anyone on the court. The C's immediately went on that run. He did us a dissservice. Shumpert was balling for the majority of this series. I'm also happy he got that dunk last night. Maybe he will trust the knee a little more.

Carmelo Anthony: B- Would have been a C+ if it wasn't for the end of last game. He was in a shooting slump. He couldn't buy one. I thought his D in Game 5 was very poor. However, he finally said F it, I'm going to get to the line. I don't remember him ever getting to the line that much in consecutive games. He didn't lose his confidence. Most fans think you're supposed to stop shooting when you're cold. Not true. Last night, I thought Melo stepped up the other aspects of his game. His D was way better. He had some key rebounds, steals and a huge block at the end on Pierce. I thought he was another player I thought Woody did a disservice. At some point, you gotta start looking to the coach as to why we're running so many Iso's. I highly doubt Woody is calling plays and Melo + Jr are just like NO. If that's the case, take him out. Melo also hit some HUGE shots down the stretch last night that kinda reminded Knicks fans that he's still a clutch player.

Pablo Prigioni- B+ I thought Doc Rivers dropped the ball going small in Game 3. I actually thought Pablo played better in Game 3 than last night. Last night, the C's simply disrespected him and left him WIIIIIIIIDEEEE OPEN. Pablo knocked them down. He also cut to the basket pretty well last night... something almost no other Knick seems to do. His D was solid. He got some key steals this series. He missed some wide open layups and passed up far too many shots in some games but overall, he played far better than I expected.

JR Smith- B- He started off the series playing with tons of confidence. He was aggressive. He was fiesty on D. Then the elbow heard round the world happened In typical JR fashion, he reminded us of why he isn't a starter despite all that talent. He looked either scared or embarrassed in Game 5. In Game 6 he started that way but then played better in the 2nd half. He drove to the rack and took advantage of the Celtics defensive laspses. Even thought Melo outplayed him, I expect more out of Melo so I gave them the same grade.

Tyson Chandler- C-. Chandler apologists were clinging to every rebound and loose ball to say see...I told ya so. I kept hearing and reading every game how he was going to get so much better. He upgraded from terrible to mediocre. KG KILLED him on the boards all series. Last night, KG was embarrassing him. He was the only Celtic making shots last night in the 1st 3 quarters. We put Melo on KG for a spell and immediately got a steal and another TO. I'm sorry but if you are a DPOY, you should not be getting abused by a guy that's 37 and contemplating retirement every year. Then, whenever the Celtics drove the lane, he provided virtually no resistance. Avery Bradley took it to his chest lst night during the Celtic comeback. Call me a hater if you want. Chandler was pathetic on BOTH ends of the court in my opinion. I don't care what his +/- was. We were a better team when he was off the court for the most part in this series.

Kenyon Martin- B Yea so he made the stupid funeral comments and all that. He also slipped causing a costly TO and had some bad fouls in Games 5 and 6. That being said, for a guy to outplay our 14 million dollar Center, after basically being plucked off the street, I can't give him anything less than a B. He had some HUGE blocks and dunks. He caught passes that would have went straight through other guys' hands. I was very impressed with Kenyon. He may have saved our season with his play in the 1st 3 games.

Jason Kidd- D. Funny how the 2 players I was ripping all year turned out to be the ones that played terribly this series. Jason Kidd was awful. Simply put. IDGAF what "leadership" he may provide in the locker room. He was horrendous. He had a pretty good Game 1. Had some assists in Game 3. Other than that, he was an absolute scrub. The one thing I thought I could count on with Kidd was that he didn't make mistakes. He had some terrible turnovers. He missed some WIDE open layups. He had a behind the back pass to nobody last night lol. He was the only player giving up shots to Pierce really. He also pass up WAY too many wide open shots. I think his minutes need to be cut. Prigioni does pretty much everything he does and then some.
I don't know what Woody's love affair with Kidd is but it needs to end before Sunday.
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