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Default Re: Don't jump off the bridge fellow Knick fans...

Originally Posted by bluechox2
vs the pacers, the home team has won each time this season so, we got this in the bags

amare is still out, i hope melo's shoulder isnt too bad, we need him to be on top of his game, and we cant have him out there guarding hibbert and west for 40 minutes, woodson needs to make adjustments and atleast get him at sf for half a game
If Woody goes small again all series, it will just show me that he's as stubborn as D'Antoni and Rex Ryan. He'd rather play his way than change up and win the game. There is no reason for us to go small. Felton is going to have to take advantage of that George Hill matchup because I'm worried about that Lance Stephenson/Pablo Prigioni one. Going small could kill us. They are bigger than us at every position.
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