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Saw a basketball once
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Default Re: High School Basketball

Hey man, sorry to hear u didnt make it.
For your handles, training is easy, youtube will find you literally hundreds of drills, doing both moving and stationary drills at maximum intensity with 1 and 2 balls will skyrocket your handle of the ball.
For shooting you need good form. if yours is good right now drill it in with 100s of form shots start close to the basket and work your way backwards.take spot up shots off the spin, off the dribble and off the catch. then work in to game situational drills and shots.
for your floater its easy. shoot floaters. start close as always drill the form in, then take it further back, some people shoot floaters off the glass some go for all net try both and shoot from different angles. the most important thing about the floater is getting it high over the big mans long arms and releasing before it can be blocked
please ask me to clarify anything or further explain things
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