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Default It hurts...

Oh my, so this is how the season ends, still feel like a dream. I try to act calm and professional, but the truth is... It hurts, it really hurts... I am fighting back tears, I havent cried since I turned 13 a decade ago so it aint happening tonight either. I dont know what to think.

I wish it was a dream, its hard to believe this is what we got after all the efforts we made to extend the series into game 7. Perhaps it would have been less painful if we just lost in game 6 instead, you dont feel too bad if you never give it much hope to begin with.

I thought I was cool with the Nets performance in this post-season, I pretended I did not care to an extent that some posters like Niko were saying I aint even a nets fan. I kept telling myself to look ahead and that it was just the first season the team was put together, so far it doesnt seem to help anything at all.

I guess I am going to find a dozen cans of beer for the night, if it helps to relieve the pain. I never got drunk in my life however much I drank, but now I really hope I could for once in my life. Tomorrow is another day, I hope the pains will all go away after I wake up tomorrow...
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