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Default Re: Official NBA All-Time Peak Draft

Did 2 7 game series vs Legends66NBA 7 (My internet froze during the first series and made me play 3 games at home straight when I had HCA, second series I gave him HCA)

1st series:

G1: Legends won 91-82. Blood is thicker than water means nothing to T-Mac. He dropped 34/6/5 on Vince Carter. Bob McAdoo also had a 20/18 game, and CP3 had 15 assists. Turnovers killed me, he forced me into 20.

G2: I won 107-96. I won the rebounding battle 56-44. T-Mac had another good game, this time dropping 20/8/7. Magic also had a good game with 24/6/7. What's surprising is that McAdoo is abusing Rodman but Dwight is doing fine against Kareem so far.

G3: I won 132-105. This is where my internet froze. I didn't have a chance to make Legends the home team for this game so it gave me 3 home games in a row. To make up for this, I gave him the next 4. Extremely efficient game for both sides, my rebounding and forcing turnovers is what won the game for me. Would have been a fun game to watch too, 11 double figure scorers in the game

G4: Legends won 98-97. If Dwight hit one more free throw it would've gone to OT. T-Mac is definitely the catalyst, he had 27/7/4 while Dwight had 27/11

G5: I won 111-85. Again, T-Mac is the catalyst. He had a horrible shooting night, finishing 2/11. Magic had 15 points and 14 assists. My team finished +24 on the boards, with Dwight and Rodman combining for 23.

G6: I win the series 4-2 with a 113-103 victory. I crushed him on the boards again 57-35. Kareem's been a non-factor this series somehow. Scottie Pippen ended with 20 points and 19 rebounds (7 offensive). Ball movement was great for both teams this game as well as scoring efficiency.
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