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Default Re: MMA Discussion/News thread

Originally Posted by Jackass18
Not sure if anyone cares, but apparently Ricardo Mayorga won his MMA debut.

"Friday night at the Pharaoh's Casino in his hometown of Managua, Nicaragua, Mayorga managed to overcome his complete lack of grappling ability against unheralded opponent Wesley Tiffer, ultimately stopping the Canadian transplant with what appeared to be an illegal knee to the spine at the end of the second round.

The fight was originally conceived as a lightweight contest, then a 160-pound catch-weight before Thursday's weigh-in, at which Mayorga clocked in at 175.9 pounds. Tiffer, who claimed a 5-1 record entering the bout and hadn't competed since 2009, tipped the beam at 153 pounds. The 39-year-old Mayorga, who held world titles at 147 and 154 in the squared circle, looked every bit as physically terrible as the number on the scale suggested."

Doesn't sound like a very good victory, though

Wow. he spends most of the fight getting outgrappled (he didn't look completely cluelles on the ground) and while his opponent puts a triangle on him, he knees him right in the lower back. that could not have been a legal strike. no way, no how. Lower back muscles can take some punishment. the spine can't. scary knee.
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