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Default Re: It's Official! David Lee will be Active against the Spurs

Originally Posted by SacJB Shady
The Spurs haven't won in Oracle this year.
God suited up 4 games against Denver. But I think the Warriors are better than the Spurs. Parker is not as good as he used to be, Curry outscored him this year. Klay is so much bigger than Parker and contained him this year when he guarded him 40 minutes. I want Parker to play. He will be somewhat of an offensive liability. He is not very fast anymore. The Spurs lack talent. All 3 of their hall of famers have declined. 1-12, we're better. Heck SA is not even deeper than Denver, that's how pathetic they are.

Danny Green is a bum. We have much better players like Harrison Barnes. Even Green, Draymond Green stepped up huge. Than they have all these other players like Diow and Mcgrady and Blaire. Just bums. We beat them by like 20 last time when they played all those scrubs.

And offensively, Lee is better than Duncan. Duncan is so old, he can't play more than 30 minutes. Lee can probably still hold up better than Duncan. Duncan is a *****. He left practice today because he had the butterflies, meanwhile Lee plays with a broken hip.

The Warriors are winning a championship in the next 5 years. The Spurs are not. They are old and have not had any kind of success postseason whatsoever since Duncan was 30. Sorry, but that is the truth. All you Nuggets fans hate me because I saw through all your phone altitude record. Well the Spurs struggled late in the season. That 1 week rest is only going to help so much with all those years of wear and tear already on their body. You Spurs fans shouldn't be so pretentious. You are more pretentious than the players who actually have respect for us. If you guys are so good, why haven't you succeeded in the postseason in the last 6 years?

We're going to beat you. You mad. I'm stoked. On the net, you will laugh. In the back of your minds, you are simply afraid. Have fun, we are going to kick your butts and win the series. Even the Nuggets are better than you old guys.

c'mon man, dont disrespect the spurs. They are incredible, don't look at the players they have. look at the way they play. Neve ever again say that david lee is better then Tim Duncan, ever. I want the Warriors to win, i believe in them but i know they are the under dogs. Believe in your team. Respect your opponent, this is the second round of the playoffs.
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