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Default Re: High School Basketball

Originally Posted by L3B120N J4M35
this freshman year i got cut from the team. i thought i did well and everyone was saying how i didnt make it and everything, but i went up to my coach to see why i didnt make it. he said i was short and skinnier (5'6, 120 at the time) (5'7, 125 now) than the guards ahead of me and i didn't have a good of a shot or handles as them. so i have basketball workouts in a couple weeks, and i wanna improve my game.

things i need to improve:
more consistency shooting
handles (most important thing)

any tips? and plus I'm a very good post up player and rebounder for my size but its kinda hard to post up cuz im usually the smallest.

thanks ish

for your handles I would suggest carrying a basketball around with you everywhere you go. When youre at home watching TV, keep a basketball in your hands, shoot in the air, do finger tip drills, whatever. The point is getting your hands used to the feel of the basketball. This is the first step to having a tight handle. You can do drills all day but you must teach your hands the size of the ball so they are naturally accustomed to it.

After that, you will have more confidence in your dribbling because A) you will be more aware of where the ball is in your hands/in relation to your body B) that will enable you to keep your head up at all times. THEN you can do advanced drills for balling handling. It will be too steep a learning curve if you just jump right in. So for the next two weeks, get a ball, preferably the same type of ball you use in HS games, and treat it like your baby. When you do start advanced dribbling drills, try to dribble the ball as hard as you can without losing it. The harder your dribble, the faster it comes back to your hand and the harder it is to steal from you. Do this and dont let the ball go above your knee height and nobody is going to strip you.

For shooting, your age might possibly be the most important time to learn how to shoot properly. Because you are younger you are less likely to have developed a lot of bad habits (or ones that cannot be broken) but you will also have a chance to develop bad habits quickly. Shooting is all about repetition. You must first learn the proper form, and then repeat it a certain number of times for it to become instinctive.

-Start with form shooting: step right up to the basket so that if you raise your hand straight up it will be aligned with the front of the rim. Take the ball in one hand and really focus on:

a) keeping the ball on your "pods and pads" Most people will say keep it in your fingertips but with guys with smaller hands that is ridiculously unreasonable to expect them to do so. Instead focus on two pressure points: pods being your fingertips themselves, and pads being the hard area on your hand just below your fingers (the part that usually gets callused when your do pullups) You don't have to grip the ball like you are going to pop it but make sure your fingers are spread out, that will naturally give you better grip over time.

b) make sure your wrist is cocked back and your arm is in a RIGID L shape. When you shoot the ball, the sequence you are looking for is first your elbow extends THEN you follow through, and when you follow through make sure to really snap that wrist. When you **** your wrist back all the way it's natural reflex reaction is to flick forward. So again, you are build muscle memory in your wrist to be able to do this instinctively.

When you are doing this drill try and make 10 in a row without missing. Then take 1 step back. do the same over and over. When you find you can't make 10 in a row anymore, make note of where you are, you are going to try and get a little further back every workout by making 10 in a row. After you max out, go back and do the same thing with two hands. If you do this drill over and over, you will eventually get better at this. It wont happen after 2 or 3 days, it will take a week or two until you see major improvements because like every other muscle your body you workout it takes time for them to adjust and recover.

I'd say work on that for now, it's only May and its a long summer. Don't worry about your weight, trying to get big or whatever. You're still really young and your body will develop a naturally athletic physique the more you work on your game anyway. If you want to put a little muscle on do wide grip pullups, dips, pushups, pike pushups, pistol squats, calf raises, planks basically bodyweight work. Bigger =/= stronger and focusing on just your weight will make you lose focus of the bigger picture.

Check the other threads for pointers too, lots of good stuff on this forum.
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