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Default Re: Joe Johnson the player can't seem to get away from Joe Johnson the contract

Originally Posted by Guy Ledouche
I think people hate on him because he has always performed poorly in the postseason. That contract certainly doesn't help though.

Blame the Hawks for offering it to him.
They could have said no past a certain amount and then he might have left.
And then the Hawks would have spent their money on another player.

But that contract is one of the reasons why we had the lockout, because the league was concerned that teams located in mid-sized cities, like Atlanta, wouldn't be able to compete with the bigger market teams.

We gave Joe that contract and had him for two seasons, and then we have to suffer for this season with a bunch of guys on expirers. So it was effectively a three year commitment for that contract.

Joe was horrible in this playoffs. He couldn't shoot outside at all, so then like Shaq, go down to the block and post up. He typically has a height advantage on his defender.

The Nets have no leadership at all. Williams is all talk; Johnson never shows up; and Lopez isn't assertive enough.

Joe Johnson to the Lakers for Pau Gasol.
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