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Originally Posted by Nets fan 93
thats a true fan. Don't worry man, they'll only get better. Those Bulls were just incredible tonight... smh

I was at the game. The amount of chicago fans was sickening. It hurt. Every run giving us hope just to be spoiled by a bellineli 3 or Joakim noah layup. ugh.
Well there goes season #1. I'm sure this time next year the Nets will be scouting their second round opponent.
And my bolded part is exactly why PJ has no right to ever be an NBA coach. I harped on it repeatedly before the game. Marco was going to kill us if we kept chasing him off of screens rather then meeting him to the spot and if we didn't double team him when he tried to drive. There was no defensive schemes at all. I was just on Twitter writing to Mike Fratello in hope that he would express interest to become the Nets coach next season.

Also guys, we can't solely blame PJ. The Nets need to show more passion and effort for 48 MINUTES. It's not just me saying it, every analyst is saying it too, as well as the Bulls players themselves. The Nets played inspired, passionate basketball in the first half of the third quarter. They rotated on defense, finally boxed out and moved the ball on both sides of the court. For the other 42 minutes they jacked up stupid shots, let the Bulls get way too many offensive rebounds and sucked complete shit on defense. A coach can't instill passion. He only makes substitutions, defensive schemes against opposing teams best player and defines roles MUCH, MUCH clearer than PJ has done.

Am I extremely upset an infuriated that this team lost in the first round ( FIRST ROUND), yes. Like Gerald said "we should have won, we should be playing the Heat tomorrow, we were in our home". Well, that didn't happen and now the Nets have an entire Summer to figure out how to play with more passion and get out of the first round.
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