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Default Re: It's Official! David Lee will be Active against the Spurs

Originally Posted by SacJB Shady
Lee 18.6, 11.2 > Duncan 17.5, 9.9
And we have Bogut to counter Duncan's defense

They are incredible? I don't disrespect them, I respect them, but they had almost the same record as Denver and people thought we were also underdogs. How bout that year when we beat the Dallas team that won 67 games? The Spurs are just another good team, they are not recent champs like the Heat. You cannot tell me that it's a guarantee for the Spurs. There are only 2 things in life that are guaranteed. Death and taxes. The Spurs eliminating the Warriors is not one of them. In fact the Warriors are due to win a game in San Antonio. There is always a first for everything. One win there and we can win the series by winning at Oracle.

1) We don't have Andre Miller
2) We don't have George Karl
3) Don't you ever think about trying that crappy zone defense against us
4) We're one of the best teams at defending 3 point shooters

Sorry bro, I know you really want it to be true but denying it will only make it harder for you. GS isn't even half as good as the Spurs. You might steal one at most.
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