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Default Re: High School Basketball

Originally Posted by L3B120N J4M35
havent read your guys' suggestions yet, but im going to soon. thanks so much for all the detail guys. i gotta question, you know how kyrie put the ball in a plastic bag and dribbled, does that work?

thanks guys, ish is the best


and does the type of hoop effect anything? cuz my hoop outside is a new style hoop but its a little bouncy compared to the ones at the gym which are the same style just more rigid.

Sure you can use a plastic bag. It's to take the grip away from the ball, if you don't keep your dribble low and tight you'll lose the ball. I've used a tennis ball as well sometimes, if you can dribble a tennis ball well a basketball will feel like a beach balloon.

And for the hoop it doesn't really matter, it's not accuracy you are working on its form. When you have good form and practice enough your accuracy will go up no problem. As long as its 10 feet you're good.
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