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Default Re: Whenever underdogs win they never get respect

Originally Posted by SacJB Shady
It's always a blame on the other team. Like before the Denver series, all their fans spoke so highly about them. Then once they got beat, they barely admitted that they got beat. Instead there is a myriad of excuses that you never heard all year. Like danillo. After lee went down instead of saying that leveled the field they reverse their opinion and say it gave gsw the advantage lmao. I swear whenever a fans teams lose, they never give credit to the opposition. Instead they point the finger, whether it be Karl, or miller, or brewer, or koufos, or their lack of defense. Before the series started I didn't see them pointing the finger. It's just a tactic to take credit away from the other fans, to save face!!

I predicted gsw would win. Now the only thing Denver or others have left is to give me excuses or just wish gsw bad the next round. The fact that gsw is even in the next round is impressive. 1 of 8 teams left. Yet I never receive credit, I just get back negative feedback.
You said they would lose when they lost Game 5.
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