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Default Re: The Dragon Ball Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by CAstill
Yeah you're right. He was cocky and sloppy then got beat.
Glad you acknowledge he lost. Gohan should smarten up and train harder.
As far as what AT was pressured into doing he did whatever he felt
was best. The series should of had Goku beat Cell and Gohan beat Buu,
that would of had a better transition into Gohan's reign. Instead we
had to go back and forth because half the fans didn't want to see
Goku be wrote out the series. Not to mention they still had Goku vs
Vegeta beef that had to be settled in the forefront of the series.
It wasn't time for Gohan to be star and it showed.
We should instagram and spam that fggot twitter account about how he's a lazy fucl<
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