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Default Re: Bulls and Rose better deliver next season.

So you admit that they didn't come out and say that Rose was in fact going to miss the entire season?

So how did they handle this right? Why shouldn't they be criticized for it? People will still question Derrick Rose right now because him and the Bulls front office still won't come out and say that there's a 0% chance that we will see him play this season. Instead they've teased us since he was cleared back in March. And they still continue to tease us. That's not handling it right at all and Rose and the Bulls management do deserve all the criticism they're getting.

Don't let a couple of good seasons fool you. The organization has been an absolute joke the past decade. They were lucky enough to draft Derrick Rose in 2008. Other than that they've done very little right. Reinsdorf and Paxson are idiots.
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