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Default Re: Bulls and Rose better deliver next season.

They came out and said he was going to miss the whole season. And he did miss the whole season Do you think they have been misleading you, by telling you that he was going to miss the whole season, and then he misses the whole season?

The media still kept asking, will Derrick play? Every day, asked every player in every interview. And you suggest, they shouldn't be getting any blame for this?

And all of a sudden someone worded the question, can Derrick play. The answer was YES, he CAN play. This goes back to this response.

Knowing the difference between CAN and WILL. I don't know how to be any clearer than that.

Do you understand the difference between CAN and WILL? I mean, I can act like the media, and keep asking you the same question until I get the answer I want. So do you understand the difference between CAN and WILL?

Guess what, Thibs also said he can play in the post-season. Did your lack of understanding of the word "can" get your hopes up for some odd reason? Then that is your own damn fault.

Until someone says that Rose WILL play, quit having a knee-jerk reaction to every blogger trying to fill his/her quota.
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