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Default Spurs against Warriors in 2nd round

Parker is one of the most successful guards in the league at penetrating and scoring off of it. One of the areas of deficiency for the Warriors against Denver was their inability to keep Ty Lawson out of the lane. Lawson was a pain for the Warriors even with Bogut roaming the interior. Itís scary to imagine what the Warriors would have done without Bogut, the rim protector, with a slashing team like Denver.

Parker, on the other hand, will defend Curry more than Curry defends Parker. The reason is because Klay Thompson has a size issue over Parker, and Thompson has shown during the second half of the season and in the playoffs that heís capable of making you pay for a questionable matchup.

Much of this series will depend on how well the Warriors can contain Parkerís penetration versus how well the Spurs can defend Curryís ability to shoot the 3-pointer.

-- CSN Bay Area
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