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Default Re: 2013 Knicks Playoff Run thread

Tyson is paid as much as Melo.
We lost this game because of defense and rebounding,not because of offense.
At the end of the day we scored 95 points. That's enough to win a playoff game (especially against the team that isn't good offensively like the Pacers) and we would have won every game against Boston if we scored 95.

On the other hand we allowed 102 points and got killed on the boards. Where was our DPOY when we needed him the most ? He got 4 points,3 rebounds and got killed by Hibbert who's offensive repertoire is slightly worse than of a telephone pole.
When Tyson Chandler isn't defending or rebounding he's a liability. I would rather play Copeland because he can at least score. But Copeland can't defend or rebound ? Well obviously neither can Chandler.

I'm just sick of this guy. Melo shot badly,I know that. But at the end of the day he still had 27 points and 11 rebounds. 11 rebounds from a guy that apparently can't do anything but score. That's 8 more than our defensive/rebounding center.

And you know what,Melo had some amazing playoff performances for us in the playoffs. Game 2 in 2011 where he put up 42/17/6. Then game 4 against the Heat last year where he put up 40+. First two games this season were also pretty good.
Did Tyson Chandler had ONE F*CKING GAME where he was great ? NO. It's been 5 games last year and 7 games this year. That's 12 consecutive games in the playoffs where he was either horrible,subpar or mediocre.
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