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Default Re: Things Players in Pickup Games Do That Annoy You

I'm posting from Korea. People play ball here, but pickup is different.

1. No one wants to play full-court
2. Any sort of touching is a foul.
3. When they try to play no 2's rule (no 3's).
4. When one player or two players out of 8 suck. (4 on 4)
5. When one player or two players out of 8 don't try hard. (4 on 4)
6. When you win, and then don't retain the court (it's a Korean be nice let everyone play thing..not that bad).
7. When people get mad playing ball. It should be fun.
8. When people are smelly.
9. When people always wear completely wrong clothes, i.e jeans, or a full track suit in summer.
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