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Default Re: A Game of Thrones

Littlefinger just hates that hes not high born enough to be respected. Probably all comes from being in love with Catelyn and told by her father that hes not worthy of the eldest daughter of Riverrun. So he challenged Neds older brother to a duel for her and almost got killed....but she begged for him to be spared. Hes probably felt like a bitch ever since then and does all he does now to move up the ladder and feel like a real power. Which he is now. Even if nobody but Varys notices yet. Im sure Tywin/Tyrion know hes always up to something but they dont know the extent of it. I cant wait for next season when they reveal the extent of what hes done.

I think it has to be next season. I feel like it was one of the last pages of Storm of Swords.
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