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Default Re: A Game of Thrones

You may be right. I know its after the royal wedding because he had already talked to Sansa about...all that. But its before Lysas...situation.

Its so different I cant say what they are doing. But im looking forward to that whole scene. The ending of that episode(it wont be a season finale...just the end of an episode im sure) will be satisfying.

And Joffrey killing Ros makes sense to me. Littlefinger said in season 1 he has lords who pay for crazy shit. One liked to **** dead women. ros might be sold again....

Joffrey already had her beat the other whore. Littlefinger needed to get rid of her. Joffrey is a 16 year old boy just starting to get into women...even though he gets off on pain and killing. Margery probably has him going in circles....wanting to ****/kill everything alive the way shes playing into his madness.

Shes waaaaay better than I expected. The books made her clever but...not this clever. Shes pretty much running him.
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