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Default Re: Official NBA All-Time Peak Draft

Someone simmed against me and I swept them. I just did a series against the 96 Bulls, they got HCA

G1: I won 90-84. 3 of my guys had double doubles including Rodman who grabbed 15 rebounds against himself.

G2: I lost 100-89. My Pippen scored 26 points but it wasn't enough as Jordan scored 25 and had 8 assists.

G3: I won 112-93. Defense and rebounding won the game for me. I held them to 40.9% shooting and outrebounded them 64-39. Dwight alone had 18 rebounds as well as 14 points.

G4: I won 107-93. Michael Jordan had 39 points and 9 rebounds and '96 Pippen added 20 points but 9 turnovers. 6 of my guys had double digit scoring games including '94 Pippen who had 11 points 9 rebounds and 9 assists.

G5: I win the series 4-1 with a 106-97 road victory. A combination of factors won the game; rebounding (+9), ball movement (26 assists on 39 FGs) and great defense, especially on Jordan who hot 9/25 for 27 points.

I'm trying to run through every historic team: 96 Bulls, 86 Celtics, 87 Lakers, 72 Lakers, 67 Sixers, Any Russell Celtics team, Bad Boy Pistons, Hakeem Rockets, 03 Spurs, 3 peat Lakers and 97 Jazz
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