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Default Re: 2013 Knicks Playoff Run thread

Originally Posted by Rameek
Teams that shoot jump shots on ISO plays don't rebound well. No ball movement No penetration makes a stagnant offense. Which leads to the teams defense falling apart and not having time to set up.

Can't blame Tyson for Melo and JR not being able to shoot or pass or start ball movement. They havent been calling fouls for Melo all year long why assume it would change now.

KD is in the same situation and he finds a way to get it done efficiently. Serge Ibaka did nothing game one and if the Thunder loses I dont think he will get the brunt of the blame.

This is one bad thing about Knick fans its blame game all the time not just in forums but radio, conversations everywhere.

Basically Melo and JR play better and smarter this team can win they play poorly and dumb then the Knicks will lose.

But I read the same stuff all the time here gets kind of boring and monotonous.

Agreed 100%
+ Melo being somehow hated by the refs
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