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Default Re: 2013 Knicks Playoff Run thread

End of the day, like I said, I'm not even going to harp on Chandler. You guys are just saying now what I'd been telling you was going to happen all year. I told you guys he was overrated. Same with Jason Kidd, who is an absolute scrub.

We can nitpick everyone's games. We can't put emphasis on one player over the other. We can do all of that. End of the day, I have to do something I haven't done in a while. I have to give Scooter some props. I love the way Woody carries himself as a coach. I love what he stands for. I love his motivational skills. I love how he holds players accountable. That being said, Scooter was ded right from jump....the guy is a TERRIBLE X's and O's caoch. He just simply is incapable of consistently making adjustments. Much like Robert Guerrero on Saturday night, he struggles when it comes to formulating a plan B.

I was sitting down thinking about it one day. We blame certain guys for not passing the ball. We complain when shots aren't falling. We complain when Felton is shooting shots we feel are out of his element. One thing NONE of us consistently mention is actually the biggest source of our offensive woes.


I mean seriously. How often do we consistently run plays for Melo? Durant gets all types of down screens and curls. LeBron gets all types of back doors and lobs. What do we do, on a regular basis, to get our best player easy shots? It's ok....I'll wait.

When do we ever run things to get JR lobs or curls for open 3's?

How often do we try to get Novak open? (even though I'd rather him be glued to the bench anyway)

What do we do to get Shumpert easy shots besides hoping people double Melo?

When do we ever see guys cutting to the basket?

When do we ever run down screens, back door cuts, etc?

Only player we seem to run consistent plays for is Chandler in pick and roll. We run the majority of our plays for arguably our worst offensively skilled player lmao That sounds like a recipe for disaster.
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