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Default Re: 2013 Knicks Playoff Run thread

It's no revelation that Woody isnt a good X's and O's coach.

I just dont really get where all the bashing, moaning, groaning, complaining gets you. At some point it becomes rhetoric and now clutch has followed suit. Nothing being said has changed from the beginning of the year.

This team has won 54 games and has a 2nd seed, made it out the 1st round. I mean isnt there anything else to talk about or anything new to discuss.

Melo is a superstar dont bash him.
Woody is a bad coach.
Grunwald is a terrible GM.
This team is old.
X,Y,Z player sucks.
Cut this one trade that one.

There has to be more than just that?

Here's something. Shump looks good. He is confident and his put back dunk the other day off the rim was amazing. Boy he is taking the open shots making things happen. Maybe he can be a pretty good NBA player if he can work on his offensive game.

Thank goodness the Knicks got Kenyon. He has played solid defense no layup rule is in effect. Gives 100 % effort every time he's on the floor. Looks like a solid front court with Chandler and Kenyon down low.

Look at how aggressive Felton has played. No more of those 5pt 2 assist 5 turnover games. He is really bringing it from the PG position. I really think he and Prigs should start making more decisions with the ball instead of Melo and JR. Thats their job.

Although Indiana had so many players step up during game 1 if the Knicks can stop West and Paul they can turn this thing around.

Sometimes it's ok to be a little optimistic as a fan instead of so pessimistic.

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