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Originally Posted by RedBlackAttack
Thomas had 200+ receiving yards against the Steelers in the playoffs with Tim Tebow throwing to him.

Just putting that out there.

People seem to think it's all because of Manning. More to do with his health. Dude was extremely fragile at the start of his career, still is. About halfway in the season with Tebow Thomas actually got healthy and got some playing time and went on to break out. I'm not 100% but I'm think he might have been second behind Calvin Johnson in receiving yards in the last quarter + the playoffs of the season with Tim Tebow.

3/34 (34/60 Tebow's throwing yards)

That's with Tim Tebow. Barely throwing it and cashing in on the deepball. No doubt Peyton helps alot, but he was breaking out either way this year.

PTiddy calling it wrong saying he's the worst but could have the best stats because of the Peyton system. Thomas is probably best at the deep ball, something Peyton isn't so great at these days. Not to mention Peyton/Decker have a connection going and Decker still got 1000+ yards and was 2nd in the league in TD's with 13, one ahead of Dez Bryant.

AJ Green
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