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Red face Re: Things Players in Pickup Games Do That Annoy You

Players who drive in to the lane and calls a foul the minute they're breathed on. Typically when their layup doesn't go in.

Players who you destroy when they're on the other team, and then for some reason when you're mixing the team up, they become your team mates, they're constantly telling you what to do...What is up with that?? As in, "you need to cut your guy off", "box out", "play better man"!!!

Team mates who tell you to shoot, damn man, I'll shoot when I'm going to shoot. I don't mean the odd time to encourage someone who doesn't take the open shot, I mean every time I get the ball, they're going shoot that!

I have to admit I am a no defence, cherry picker player....I often let my guy go by to the left and then try the reach around...
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