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Default Re: Disney shuts down LucasArts - Star Wars 1313 and Star Wars: First Assault cancelled

Originally Posted by Rose
Just came to post this.

Absolutely great news I think. Hopefully this means that some of the long awaited sequels (battlefield 3 kotor 3) get made. Seems like a perfect match to me.

Funny how earlier in the thread you mentioned that whoever will be making Battlefront 3, you'd prefer if it wasn't DICE. Most likely that's going to happen now.

EA specifically mentioned Bioware, DICE and Visceral are going to be making Star Wars games. I'm sure Bioware will got on some type of KOTOR style hype, so can't really complain about that. DICE is going to make a SW multiplayer shooter obviously. Visceral seems like a pretty mediocre dev to me, but we'll see
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