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Default Re: It hurts...

Everything happens for a reason. Let's play hypothetical for a minute.

The Nets get the third seed.
Play and win against the Hawks in round 1.

Get to round 2 and play the Knicks. Beat them in 7.

Get to the ECF and lose to the Heat in 6.

Nets management is completely shocked and happy and praise PJ. PJ is given a 3 year deal. We are now stuck with him for 3 years after an impressive playoffs.

Although the Nets should never, ever, EVER be a first round exit team, I'm sort of pleased that they had this rude awakening. That if they play with no fire they won't ever accomplish shit. The Nets lost to the Bulls in a very close series and if it were never for that 14 point meltdown in 3 minutes we would be playing the heat right now and i'd be happy. that one game has sent the nets fishing. also, game 7 was disgusting because i have never seen an nba team not play with enough urgency in a game 7 at home. first time i've ever seen that.
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