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Default Re: Write about your best performance in a basketball game (stat-line included )

My only great bball memories are from when I was a teenager. Lemme look way back...

I didn't played organized ball much, mostly streetball. A lot of my memories are of D.

I remember playing against this college bball player (a girl haha.) It was her friend who was a guy and her vs me and my friend. And I chased her down on the break and beat that shit off the backboard. She was super salty cuz I was like 14. Her friend was trolling her, too.

Just stuff like that, playing D on people to where they couldn't even dribble by me, blocking tall people, or guys jump shots. It feels great to block someone's jump shot... like a normally tall person, cuz I'm like Nate Robinson, generously and it's like BAW. Send that shit into the backcourt.

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