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Default Re: Things Players in Pickup Games Do That Annoy You

on top of my head
-people who never ever pass.I played in my team that for 3 matches gave like 5 passes i mean wtf
-people that ask for offensive foul
-people that act mad,shout and cursed like you killed them just cause you make a strong physical contact foul.not something that you can get injured or dirty foul just strong.If you don t want defence to get physical then go play badminton
-people who never ever play defence ( even if they are good offensive players )
-old guys that think they are still 25 years old and talking trash but can t do anything.I love it when i play with trash talkers it gets me pumped up but they got to back up their talk
-people that try to do all that and1 mixtape but fail most of the times
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