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Default Re: Official NBA All-Time Peak Draft

Originally Posted by Beatlezz
I did.

Team name: Insidehoops Phaggots

Coin toss gave you HCA

G1: Beatlezz won 113-90. KG took a steaming dump all over Rodman to the tune of 26 points and 12 boards and the team as a whole was lights out, shooting 54%.

G2: I won 109-95. KG had another good game but the rest of the team didn't. Ginobili gave me 21 points off the bench and Magic had a near triple double with 10 points, 8 reounds and 13 assists.

G3: I won 119-114. Ewing's turn to have a big game, this time with 24 points, 12 boards and 5 blocks. Dwight didn't have a bad game either with 19 points and 14 rebounds. Magic and Pippen had double doubles, and VC dropped 29 points.

G4: I won 117-86. Great all around game for my team, shooting 57% and holding your team to 43%. 4 of my guys scored 20 points including Scottie Pippen who scored 21 and added 10 rebounds and 9 dimes. The rebounding margin was +20 for me.

G5: I win the series 4-1 with a 121-89 home win. Continuing the theme from last game with great defense (this time holding your team to 39% shooting) and great ball movement (35 assists on 48 FGs). Magic had 10 of the 35 assists in addition to 26 points. Dwight Howard scored 13 and grabbed 20 rebounds.

I really like your team, 4 great jump shooters and tough interior defense and rebounding. I don't know why KG stopped playing so well after crapping all over Rodman in G1 and G2.
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