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Default Re: wasnt that foul on jefferson at the end a clear path?

Originally Posted by Rake2204
Well, there is a safe way to foul a player from behind. In fact, there's a ton of safe ways to do so. In 99% of chasedown situations, defensive players know what play they can make and whether it's going to be safe. They're also very aware of what constitutes a flagrant foul.

And while flagrant fouls occur (and sometimes on accident), they're actually very rare in comparison to non-flagrant chasedown plays or opportunities and likely minuscule when attempting to attribute a dangerous play on a player's reluctance to foul a player at half court. That is to say, the amount of dangerous plays that occur because a player wanted to foul at half court but didn't, then turned, ran, and flagrantly fouled someone are very, very small.

Completely agree there's a safe way to foul a player that's in the air from behind, but that way is not necessary the most high percentage play to make to stop that player from making the shot once he goes up.

Here's an example of a non-safe way to foul a player from behind.

Yet the penalty for that is the same as a clear path foul, had Westbrook just grabbed Wade when Wade was flipping the ball up in the air to LeBron.

Meanwhile we see players pulling this kind of act to "draw" clear path fouls.

I see where the league is coming from for clear path fouls, but imo foul from behind the player on a fastbreak should be a little harsher than just regular foul. Maybe for situations when a player is in the air and you don't even come close to blocking the ball as the defender (aka just pushing the offensive player) it should be automatic 2 points and the ball or something.
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