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Default Re: Things Players in Pickup Games Do That Annoy You

I hate playing with the guys who have watched nothing but And1 Streetball so their whole mentality is to just do crossovers and other shit, usually while carrying, traveling or double dribbling.

I hate the guys who are really good at shooting so they think they can take EVERY shot they want to, even while being covered heavily by a defender.

The guys who start screaming and oohing and awing over a blocked shot or a basic dunk annoy me, too.

Quick list of other annoyances:
- Guys who try to coach their teammates in a ****ing pick-up game. Wtf? We're not playing organized b-ball. Gtfo here with that b.s.
- Guys who don't use screens or picks.
- Guys who try to call plays they learned in high school or wherever as though we've been practicing them & know the maneuvers perfectly, and then get pissed when the play doesn't get executed properly.
- Guys who don't pass.
- Guys who can't play defense at all, so they foul every chance they get.
- Guys who can't tell the difference between a reach & a clean a steal.
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