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Default Re: 2013 Knicks Playoff Run thread

I believe we can beat them in Indiana.

J.R. shot 3-15,it can hardly get worse than that. Tyson had 4 rebounds,it can hardly get any worse.
All it took was Melo to get hot for a quarter and we blew them out by 20+.

Pacers aren't a good offensive team. I'll say that they overachieved on offense in game 1 which was also a product of our poor defense.

If we can keep playing this kind of defense,Tyson starts to rebound and defend better,either Melo or J.R. has a solid shooting night and the Pacers aren't ridiculously hot from outside we'll win one for sure.

Let's talk about our offense for a little. This is the best I've seen our offense look in the playoffs. Yeah,the shots weren't falling until the 4th quarter but there was a ton of ball movement. Everyone got good looks. There was almost no isolation,except J.R.Smith iso for stretches and a few for Melo.
Felton and Shump had yet another great game. That dunk from Shump made me jump out of my couch
And Prigioni...he was amazing. So good that the Garden crowd was chanting "PABLO" every time he touched the ball. Just
Tyson had another bad game but at least he set good screens,he deserves credit for that.
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