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Default Re: Bulls win! Take 1-0 lead against the Heat!

I'm so sick of the "Rose should come back" stuff every time I hear about the Bulls. How does an out of shape Derrick Rose help the Bulls? Do you realize he will only play like 10 minutes a game when he gets back? The Bulls went through a training camp, a season, and won a play-off series without him.

I am not cool with bringing a superstar player back from an ACL injury in the most intense time of the would be a bad decision, not to mention the effects it would have on the mentality and chemistry of the team.

Rose needs to sit the rest of the play-offs out, work hard this off season, and return in the Summer League to build his confidence. This has been my stance all season. Hopefully he doesn't give into the pressure by the media and Chicago fans. These are the same Chicago fans that went through a Tom Thibodeau hating phase preaching "HE PLAYS THE GUYS TOO HARD! THEY'RE WORN OUT BY THE PLAY-OFFS!"...damn imbeciles(not directed to anyone in the thread...unless you were one of those people).
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