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Default Re: 2013 Knicks Playoff Run thread

I agree about the ball movement. That's the most sets and plays I've ever seen us run in an entire game. Melo not only got going but he did so by taking easy shots. He took those easy shots because we got him in positions that were to his advantage. Felton and Prigioni played really well. Shumpert though... Incredible. I was so proud of him. Not only did he play with confidence but the last 3 games, he's been trusting the knee and exploding. That dunk was ESPN top play worthy. He pulled it from WAAAAAYYY back. Kenyon played very well also. He was a shot blocking presence. He was scoring with the left and right hand. He made Hibbert's doofy @$$ move his feet. I was impressed.

I disagree however that JR and Chandler can't get worse. I'll add Kidd to that as well. JR's confidence is shot. He got some steals and it was like he didn't want to take advantage of the fast break out of fear of messing up. You can't play like that. I saw Melo constantly telling him "keep shooting." Even when Melo started getting hot, he told JR "they're gonna fall, they're gonna fall." AS far as Chandler goes...this was actually a step up from Game 1 So can get worse. I just don't get how him and Kidd seem to be exempt from blame in the media. They've been putrid. Jared Zwerling, from ESPN New York, was just fishing for nice things to say about them. Talking about Kidd's tip save to Chandler and Chandler setting a nice screen. I'm sorry. Those are nice individual plays, but it doesn't excuse the fact that both players have been no shows for the playoffs. And why does Kidd get so much burn. Woody takes Shumpert out all the time for Kidd even if Shump is hot. Quite frankly, they can both take their asses back to Dallas for all I care.
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