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Default Re: How many of these "Youtube Prodigies" do you think will actually make the NBA...?

I think it's still just slightly too new a phenomona to really get a feel for. And now of course youtube is absolutely flooded with highlight clips. Over 50 or so high school games, a player who's only decent can put together a pretty nice 2-4 minutes.

I have a buddy who has a pretty nice reel named Mark Harrison, but the fact is he isn't much of a basketball player. He was a freak athlete, about 6-5, played center/PF in HS, and could jump out of the gym. From the reel he looked like any of these guys, could be a major DI player. He played WR at Rutgers instead. Basketball was never a serious option with his size and skillset. But it looks good.

The guy I really remember was Derrick Character, back when he was in like 8th grade, and was roughly the same size he is now, and there being highlight reels of him as the next Shaq. I know there were others, but he's the first guy I remember being primarily pushed by the internet highlight clip movement. Other guys may have had clips, but I would have found out through other recruiting sources primarily first.

We're also hitting a point where the number of guys who are in the league who didn't have youtube highlight reels is gonna approach zero. You'd basically be talking about the out of nowhere type foreign prospects, like a Bismack Biyombo, or that giant russian guy that the Mavs traded up to take and he never played. Otherwise, you don't see too many out of nowhere prospects in this country anymore.
I mean if my buddy Mark had a highlight reel, what serious prospect playing hoops even at a decent DII level isn't gonna have one?
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