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Default Re: The sure to be epic 2013 Jazz off-season!

Originally Posted by El Kabong
Googs and Rice were only 1 year deals, so taking back the same sort of contract won't affect any extensions, which won't kick in until the 14/15 season. If you've got the money not doing anything, why not try and take an expiring deal like Metta World Peace or Turkoglu and see if you score some extra assets for your trouble?

And you're right, it was 3 picks, the 3rd was the 30th pick in 2006 which they got from Detroit for the Carlos Arroyo/Elden Campbell trade.

No thanks on Metta unless they buy him out which they aren't likely to do. Metta in the Triangle, the Princeton and the Flex with his IQ! Rice they did at the time but O'Conner said they don't do that in regards to Bell. Hedo I could see on the Jazz but than you risk him taking minutes from Hayward and Burks. Googs was at the end of his career so he was a good vet to have around for a few minutes.

To me that's not plan A though. Plan A is to go after the best guys out there that fit with the young guys but aren't going to stunt their growth anymore than has already been done and aren't going to screw up their flexibility the next 3 years. In the end if you still have money to take on contracts than you do like Cleveland did with Memphis. They got some good young players that might be part of their team going forward for free basically.
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