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Default Re: George Karl (?) Named Coach of the Year

Do people watch games? How many people watch the Nuggets day in and day out and say "wow George Karl is really responsible for this team's success". Basically reporters decided Denver overachieved (based on apparently their low expectations). I'm not saying Karl shouldn't be in the top few based on the regular season (although it's a stretch) but he's not the best. How could you call him the best?

This "Denver has no star" has been incorrectly interperted as "Denver has no elite players". They have a shitload of talent, it's just not concentrated. His rotations suck, he always has players underachieving as much as he has those overachieving, and the Denver fans often complain about defense, etc.

He's not the reason they were good, and he shouldn't be coach of the year.
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