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Originally Posted by Rake2204
Yesterday 2K experienced big server issues that I think were connected to shoe updates or something of that ilk. It affected nearly all users and from what I read, was present for most of the day. It's the biggest freeze issue I've seen this year so coincidental timing on your part, Scholar.

That said, it does speak to a bigger issue I have with 2K, which is their increased push this year to make all portions of their game reliant on an online connection. I understand modes requiring players be online to connect to one another and face off obviously have to be online. But I'm frustrated with aspects of certain single player, offline modes being dropped for gamers who opt not to connect (or lose connection).

For instance, I see why MyPlayer would have to connect online if I wanted to know my world ranking or play other MyPlayers. However, I am not a fan of the full online integration which allows only for one MyPlayer to be created. Then, if a system loses connectivity, the gamer loses the ability to earn new products. There's just a general sense of instability with this year's game in that regard.

Every game is pushing for always online, because devs have learned that if a player is already online, they are more likely to buy stuff. 2K sports looks at EA making millions off of FIFA Ultimate team, and they want in. Creating the MyTeam, and tying all the game modes into an online experience fueled by currency, is nothing but a blatant money grab.

You can't really blame them though. EA is printing money with FIFA Ultimate team. Let's just hope EA doesn't use that money to buy exclusive NBA rights.
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