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Default Re: 2013 Knicks Playoff Run thread

Originally Posted by Clutch
That's simply wrong. Melo has 20 rebounds for the series. Only 4 of them are offensive.
Chandler has 7 rebounds for the series and 3 of them are offensive.

You just can't defend that. If you're 7'1 you can average 3.5 rebounds per game just by standing on the court for 30 minutes. Eventually the ball will come into your hands off the miss.
I remember in game 2 on one occasion Tyson had 2 options,either to contest from their guard or box out Hibbert. He let the guard shoot but he didn't box out Hibbert. Instead he was just standing and then pushed Hibbert in the back after the guard missed the shot. Of course,he got called for a foul. That's just poor effort. Nothing else.
People are saying Melo can't do anything else but score. Well you know what,he's been rebounding and defending better than our 7'1 DPOY.

I watch the games and I see that opponents puts bodies on Chandler so he cant rebound. Teams know the weakness of the Knicks we play small so just body him and there arent many other Knicks that will rebound or mix it up in the trench.

If you dont like Chandler dont watch him put the remote on block out chandler mode.....

Like I said before this stuff is repetitive and it no one cares about the bitching and moaning of the same stuff all the time. You can vent its your right but how many pages can be dedicated to the same complaints. No one is arguing the points Beating a dead horse. It just doesnt matter at this point if you havent like him all season then it aint going to change now. I already posted all the same complaints got anything new? No ok lets move on.

You do realize what CHandler does or doesnt do wont be the reason this team wins or loozez.

At this point I dont care about those warts it was good enough to win 50 plus games and a 2nd seed. Its good enough to get them to the ECF.

Let's go Knicks!
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