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Default Re: 2013 Knicks Playoff Run thread

in game 2, all the screens tyson set led to 42 points, freeing up guys for driving lanes or open shots, heard someone on the radio talking about it

o and we did outrebound indiana in game 2

dont be fooled by numbers, 4 is little, but the other guys are stepping in for tyson while hes covering for melo's man and his, if hes not rebounding, other guys like iman and melo or jr are there to pick it up, those 3 guys had 6,9,6 respectively, so unless you want the game to be extended so that tyson can pick up those magical extra possessions to stat pad for your liking, those numbers wont be there when our guards are cleaning it up

and we gave up only 7 offensive rebounds, while we managed 13. yea he cud have gotten a potential 7 more boards by playing a bit harder, but thats something i can overlook when we held our own on the boards

ive seen hibbert go apeshit on other teams, but the best he can get is 14 so far

i think the game 1 effort, the knicks went in thinking, o yea were suppose to be here "as everyones been saying in their ears" and overlooked the pacers, and probably had the heat in the back of their minds

but i think their focused now after getting beat

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