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Default Re: Best Sports Radio programs? Hour-by-hour recommendations.

Originally Posted by JohnnySic
Toucher and Rich suck. I am baffled as to how they get ratings. I know more about sports than they do, and Toucher's midwestern twang is annoying. I wanna punch him in the face when I listen to him.

Felger and Mazz are OK as long as they stay away from bball, which they clearly dislike and know very little about. Also, Felger's contrarian act has gotten stale. I am listening more to WEEI in the aftrenoons. WEEI was the absolute pitts when it was the old Ordway and steak guys show but Holley and Salk are a breath of fresh air.
I can't stand Dennis & Callahan and Toucher and Rich at least make me laugh. D&C are just the worst sort of garbage.

I actually like Mutt and Lou so that slot is interchangeable for me.

Salk and Holley are okay...certainly preferable to Ordway. I've always liked Michael Holley's stuff...he actually went out and learned about hockey when he realized he knew nothing about the sport and now he's at least conversant in the game. Always loved his football/baseball stuff, too. Maybe give them more listening time on the drive home.
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