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Default Re: 2013 Knicks Playoff Run thread

The Knicks an impressive win though, I actually felt everyone had a good portion in the victory.

The way the Knicks played ios the way they should ALWAYS play.

Everyone had a chance to have the ball in theirs hands and a chance to score.

4 of 5 starters had 3+ asissts, why I think has only happened twice in the teams playoff run this season.

Not really sure why the rebounding is even being discussed.

Of course the Pacers would have a ton of rebounds if the Knicks miss a ton of bad shots (game 1), but game two the offense was vastly better featuring good shots from everywhere, so less defensive boards for Indy to get.

Honestly I dont care who gets the rebound, just like I dont care who scores the points, as long as everyone has a fair share to participate in such.

I saw that in game two, and hopefully that will continue.
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