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Default Re: Browns had this proposed deal in the draft?

Originally Posted by Carbine
It had to have been on the table. They were the ones considering doing the trade, as in....balls in your court, the deal is there if you want it.
Not at all the way it was presented. And, the whole article is basically designed around the premise that they gave Klosterman zero access to any information of any value. Yet, you think he was privy to these in-depth conversations about trades on the table?

The one with the Rams was widely reported in Cleveland the night of the draft. This one? Who knows which team was involved and how the talks went.

There is absolutely no indication, however, that a trade was on the table and the Browns passed.

Here's the complete paragraph:

Here's something else that's transpiring: math. There's a lot of low-level math happening. When not contemplating Mingo, the Cleveland front office considers the possible acquisition of Davone Bess from the Miami Dolphins.1 Bess was 14th among wide receivers in receptions since 2009, but it looks like he's being phased out of the Dolphins' future (particularly after the signing of free agent Mike Wallace for $60 million). Miami doesn't particularly need Bess, so it's willing to give him up for the simple transposition of middle-round draft picks. The Browns offer Miami the 104th overall selection and the 164th overall selection in exchange for Bess, the 111th pick, and the 217th pick. This requires an objective discussion about the mathematical value of average draft prospects (mostly based on data from a version of this chart) and a subjective (and seemingly less essential) debate about what Bess offers on the field. Later that afternoon, an even crazier hypothetical spontaneously emerges: The Browns consider trading tonight's no. 6 pick to a marquee franchise, in exchange for a second-round pick tomorrow, a first-round pick in 2014, another first-round pick in 2015, and two other future selections. This would mean Chudzinski would start his coaching career with a 5-11 team that doesn't even have a first-round draft option; it would also mean the Browns would be extremely well positioned over the next three years. Ultimately, the blockbuster does not happen. It's possible that it was never close to happening. But this is how you rebuild a franchise that's made the playoffs once in 14 years: You look at what the team has always done, and then you try to do the opposite.

Funny thing is, the Browns have tried that in the recent past... They've traded down with better teams for multiple picks in coming years a couple of times (Mark Sanchez/Julio Jones).

Nothing new, really. And the results were mixed.
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