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Default Re: Browns had this proposed deal in the draft?

Well, it looks as though Klosterman's article has reached Browns' headquarters and they've responded to the trade rumor...

Browns considered a blockbuster trade opportunity for No. 6 per report, but source told PD the other team opted not to proceed

In a story about the Browns' draft on, reporter Chuck Klosterman, who spent three days here with the Browns including some time in the war room hours before the draft, reveals that the Browns pondered a second trade opportunity for the No. 6 overall pick besides the one they had with the Rams to move down to No. 16.

Klosterman wrote that an unnamed marquee franchise proposed a deal for No. 6 in exchange for their second-rounder this year, first-rounders in 2014 and 2015 and two other future selections.

A league source told the Plain Dealer that a team did float something along those lines, and the Browns said they'd consider it. But the other team opted not to proceed, and it never became a real option.

The Browns did have a chance to move down to No. 16 with the Rams if the Browns' man, LSU linebacker Barkevious Mingo, was not there at No. 6. The Rams ultimately made the trade with Buffalo at No. 8, surrendering the 16th pick, their second-rounder (No. 46) and their seventh-rounder (No. 222). The clubs also swapped third-round picks.

Klosterman was in the Browns war room the afternoon of the draft, which began at 8 p.m. He said that as early as 2:30 p.m., Mingo's name was written on the white board and identified as their top choice. Klosterman remained in the room until about 5:30 p.m. when embattled Browns owner Jimmy Haslam entered the room and Klosterman was ushered out.

But by that time, he had little doubt who the Browns were taking.

He wrote in the piece, "To a degree, this verdict has already galvanized in their collective brain: Mingo is absolutely the man they want to draft. They describe him as "always relentless." They identify him as the type of player who "represents everything" they aspire to as a franchise. But — right now, as they make those remarks casually — it's still the middle of the afternoon. The future remains unwritten. Maybe they will get Mingo and maybe they will not; all they can do right now is write his name on a dry-erase board and periodically stare at the letters whenever they grow bored of staring at the TV or staring at the computer or staring at each other.''

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