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Default Re: Kid tells teacher like it is

Originally Posted by ace23
Teachers are generally overpaid anyway. $40,000-$100,000 to work 8 hours/day, 180 days a year?

Teachers should actually be paid more than they are now. They have a very important role in the future of every nation on earth....however, it is up to the gov't to put a system in place to allow teachers to earn that sort of pay...and it's up to the people to want it. I mean, the way things are now, many teachers should be earning jack squat, but in reality they hold so much power over future generations that if the gov't acknowledged this, they would be trained in a way that would in turn lead to them being paid a lot. First, way more money has to be put into the teachers' own educational system.

People seem to focus on how little the teachers should make because of poor outcomes from the students....when the focus should be on why teachers aren't being trained in a way that would lead to better teaching and thus make it obvious they deserve to earn more. The people have to really want it first, but I don't see the local, state and federal gov'ts really being pressured much on a grand scale.

Just food for thought.
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