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Default Re: Are You Disgusted By Fat People?

Originally Posted by Scholar

I wouldn't say I'm disgusted by them, but I have noticed that most fat people are slobs in everything. My wife's brother and his wife are both fat. They never clean anything, dishes get piled in their sink for weeks, they rarely take out the trash, and it seems like every tv "event" is a reason to order pizza or bring home fast food. It could be a simple Big Bang Theory marathon and there they'll be shoving pizzas down their throat while drinking whole bottles of Pepsi.

And it seems like they're always annoyed when they see me exercise or hear me talking about exercising. They avoid the topic like it's HIV.

I'm sorry but fat people truly are lazy. You can say, "You can't judge a person by their appearance," but you can in this case. You can tell a person's health isn't a true concern when they're fat.

this is wrong. I have a friend who trains like a madman, eats somewhat healthy, runs almost everyday, had a few professional boxing fights and he is still somewhat chubby. Not exactly fat but far from being ripped. Genetics play a huge role in your appearance.

Just like there is skinny or ripped guys that never train and eat junkfood everyday
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